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As a blog about amusement centres, family parties, and corporate events, we are constantly looking for more writers to join our team in writing informative articles. Our subjects are mostly based on advice towards planning corporate events and family parties, where to find amusement centres in Alberta and why it’s the perfect venue for events and parties.

Throughout Alberta, there are various amusement parks to visit and people can enjoy all the games and entertaining activities they have on offer to the public. These venues provide various games and activities such as roller-skating, ice-skating, arcade games, and other games.

To write for Big Fun Play Blog, all applicants will need to have extensive knowledge of the surroundings in Alberta and must be based in the province to provide reliable and up-to-date information.

Great skills in the English language with punctuation, grammar and spelling are vital with the ability to come up with engaging headings for our readers. You will need to be able to write informative articles and discussions into hosting parties, functions and other events and the benefits of hosting them at amusement centres.

We may require our readers to submit exemplary work on how they have written professionally in the past and their knowledge of amusement parks and give advice on hosting parties and events.

As our readers are both professional planners and individuals seeking fun or venues for their parties and functions, articles need to be written with various audiences in mind and provide knowledge on all the topics we cover.

To find out more about how to join our writing team at Big Fun Play, send an email on our contact page. All requirements mentioned on this page need to be fulfilled before contacting us for a writing job.