We will be closed at 4PM on October 31st for a special event. Have a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at Big Fun!
We will be closed at 4PM on October 31st for a special event. Have a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at Big Fun!
We will be closed at 4PM on October 31st for a special event. Have a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at Big Fun!



What should I wear?

Big Fun offers a high energy, active and crazy fun environment and it is strongly recommended to come in comfortable, breathable clothing. Outdoor shoes and bare feet are not permitted. For hygienic reasons, all guests must be wearing socks while in the facility. Big Fun Frog Socks are required to be worn and are available for a nominal fee. Make sure you bring your Frog Socks next time!

What should I not bring?



Party Poppers

Face Paint

Party Horns

Ice Cream Cakes

Strollers (Baby Car Seats are allowed)

Sharp Items or Weapons

Animals and Pets. The ONLY exception to this is a service guide dog. Big Fun staff may ask for your government issued identification card to prove that it is a service dog. Cats, birds and other animals are not permitted at Big Fun.

How Long can I stay at Big Fun?

Big Fun offers ALL DAY, EVERY DAY PLAY with all paid admissions. That said, the average time spent at the facility is between 2.5 – 3 hours. Re-entry is not allowed.

What do I do with my belongings while at Big Fun?

Big Fun requires that electronic lockers be used to protect your belongings. A unique code will allow locker re-entry for the duration of your stay at no additional cost. A unique locker code allows for unlimited re-entry for the duration of your stay. This unique access code is provided with a complimentary locker rental and will be provided on your receipt at the time of purchase.

You may rent an additional locker for $2.

If Big Fun does not have any lockers available to rent what should I do with my belongings?

All footwear must be removed before entering the gates. It can remain at the front near the lockers. You may proceed to take your other items and leave them at one of the tables if you are ordering from Lily’s Café.

Can I Bring Outside Food or Drinks into Big Fun?

Big Fun offers an amazing selection of food and drinks and has water fountains available to fill bottles. As such, no outside food or drinks are allowed. Baby bottles are allowed and special need requirements are considered on a per case basis.


Is there a limit on how many people can be on an attraction at the same time?

Yes, safety is their priority and staff will limit the use of the attraction if required.

How many attractions does Big Fun have?

At any given time, Big Fun would have a minimum of 25 attractions at each of its locations across Canada.

Has Big Fun had any injuries at any of their locations?

All physically active endeavours and sports carry a degree of risk and may result in injuries. Big Fun is not immune to this and has experienced minor injuries, regardless of the effort taken to limit them. Safety is, of course, Big Fun’s primary concern and every effort is taken to mitigate injuries of all kinds, while guests are enjoying the wide range of attractions at the facility. Always remember to play safe and follow the posted rules.

Does a parent/guardian need to be present while their children are on the attractions?

While there must be a parent/guardian at Big Fun if the child is under 13 years of age they do not need to be present on all the attractions. However, they may have specific attractions that require the parent/guardian to be present. For example, the volcano will require the parent/guardian to harness the child and support them while they make their way to the top.

Are the attractions safe?

Absolutely. Big Fun Play’s attractions are certified by AEDARSA (Alberta Elevating Devices Amusement Rides Safety Association). They also use Watchdog™ Inflatable Blower Sirens on all of their attractions. In the event a blower has any issues or the power to them has been lost, an alarm will sound to ensure staff can assist with any concerns at that moment.

How often does Big Fun get new attractions?

New attractions are constantly being reviewed for future enjoyment.


Does Big Fun have any special requirements for footwear?

Yes, for your safety they require you wear their Big Fun Frog socks. These can be purchased onsite for a nominal charge.

Can I leave my children unattended?

Adult supervision is required at all times but Big Fun offers some flexibility with its posted supervision guidelines. If your child 13 years of age or older the parent/guardian is not required to be at Big Fun but should be available by phone in the event Big Fun staff need to contact you for any reason.

Does Big Fun allow me to bring in my stroller?

No, unfortunately when strollers are in the facility it may cause a hazard by blocking guests that need to evacuate rapidly in the event of an emergency.

Birthday & Party Rooms

Does Big Fun offer any amenities in their party rooms?

Yes, all party rooms come with a party coach and are equipped with paper plates, napkins, forks and counter space.

Does Big Fun offer any refunds on my deposit after I have booked the room?

Deposits are non-refundable. Big Fun will work with you to reschedule another time and/or another room or you will be provided with a gift card to be used in the facility at another time.

How many rooms does Big Fun have?

A minimum of 6 colored themed rooms are available at each location. When you book a room you will have an option of what room you would like to choose.

Will Big Fun allow me to bring in my own birthday cake?

Yes, cakes are allowed. Ice Cream cakes are not due to limited freezer space and food handling safety standards. Big Fun also has a variety of treats and snacks that are available for parties.

How many guests can fit into a Big Fun party room?

Each room has an 8ft long picnic table suitable for approximately 10 children. The birthday guest has a reserved seat at the head of the table on a 8ft inflatable chair. 2 additional tables can be added for up to 30 children but there would not be room for the inflatable chair with this configuration. There is enough standing room for 10 adults with the standard 1 table configuration.

If I rent a room do I get to use the inflatable chair?

Booking a birthday party will guarantee the use of the chair. While Big Fun generally does have the chair available while renting the room there may be certain situations when it may not be available with only a room rental.

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